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Cancer Queers

This project is run by a small team of queers in the spirit of mutual aid. While we are happy to provide this space for sharing and support for free to anyone who needs it, it is not free to run.


If you are able to, consider throwing us a few dollars to help keep this website running!

What You're Funding

Supporting Cancer Queers financially helps us keep this website running.


We’re not trying to get rich on this project, just trying to survive capitalism.


Your tips are going towards basic expenses like:

  • Hosting this website

  • Keeping our domain name

  • Snacks for our team’s work sessions


We also want to put money back into our communities and pay people for doing rad work.


Any funds beyond our basic expenses will go towards:

  • Compensating our team for their time

  • Hiring queer professionals to help us expand this project

  • Setting up more ways for queer activists, artists, and storytellers to be paid for their work

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