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The Cancer Queers Community

Sharing our stories, art, and experience

Cancer Queers is a resource for LGBTQ+ people with cancer experiences. Us queer people need a space for healing together. Whether you’re seeking prevention, recently diagnosed, currently in treatment, or a cancer survivor, Cancer Queers is for you. We are sharing art, stories, and voices. Together, we can build a new kind of support network for our queer cancer community.

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Community Spotlights

Each month, Cancer Queers features a different person doing cool stuff. Our spotlights include activists, artists, and creators of all stripes who are working to queer cancer and healthcare.


Want to nominate our next spotlight? Use the contact form below!


Art has always been an integral part of the queer community. Cancer Queers began with a personal zine - processing, healing, and sharing through self expression. Now, Cancer Queers: Art is open for you to share your creation in whatever medium speaks to you!


Too often, queer experiences are left out of conversations about cancer. We want to hear your stories! Share your personal essays, short fiction, and more.


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