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Cancer Queers is working to expand resources for cancer beyond the gender binary through art, stories, and community.

A New Kind of LGBTQ+ Cancer Resource

Cancer Queers is a resource for LGBTQ+ people with cancer experiences. Us queer people need a space for healing together. Whether you’re seeking prevention, recently diagnosed, currently in treatment, or a cancer survivor, Cancer Queers is for you. We are sharing art, stories, and voices. Together, we can build a new kind of support network for our queer cancer community.

Cancer Beyond the Binary

Cancer can affect people of any gender. But when it comes to many types of cancer, the resources can be highly gendered. Particularly those relating to our reproductive and secondary sex organs (like breast or testicular cancer). Here at Cancer Queers, we want to go beyond the pink and blue ribbons. Beyond mustaches and bras as stand ins for support. We’re going beyond the gender binary to create resources that include and uplift queer and trans experiences.

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